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There are many motivational techniques:
Some important motivational Techniques are "Money, Participation, Quality of working life"
1: Money:
Money is also include as important MOTIVATIONAL TECHNIQUE. Money is important in form of wages, prince work, stock options, bonuses, company
paid, insurance etc. Money are often more then monetary value. It can also mean status
or power. Tended to place money high on the scale of motivators or an high scare of
motivators, while behavioral scientists tends to place it on low sale. But if money is to
be kind of motivator then managers must remember several things.
First, money, as money is likely to be more important to people who are raising and
family. Second, it is quite true that in most kinds of business and other enterprises,
money is used as mean of keeping an organization staffed. Third money becomes dull
if salaries of many managers in a company are similar. Fourth, if is to be an effective
motivator, people in various positions must be given salaries and bonuses that reflect
their individual performance.
It is almost certainly true the money can motivate only if payment is large relative to
persons income.

The second motivational technique is increase of awareness and use of participation.
Participation is necessary far the solution of problems participation is a mean of
recognition. It produces need for affiliation and acceptance. It gives people a sense of
accomplishment but encouraging participation should not mean that managers weaken their position. They should encourage participation of subordinates on matter
and they should listen carefully but they should make decision on matters themselves.

The third motivational technique is quality of working life program. Quality work life
(QWL) is not only a very broad approach to job enrichment but also a field of inquiry
and action combining industrial and organization psychology and sociology,
industrial engineering, organization theory and development motivation and
leadership theory and industrial relations. QWL has received support from a number
of sources. Manager use this type of motivational technique as a means of dealing with productivity. Workers and union representatives have seen it as a mean of improving working conditions and productivity and as a mean of justifying higher pay.

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