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What are the Qualities Of Long Term Objectives

Qualities Of Long Term Objectives
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Qualities of a Long Term Objectives:

Qualities of Long Term Objectives:

Seven criteria that should be used in preparing long term objectives are:
1) Acceptable:
Acceptability is one of the most important quality of Long term objectives.Managers are most likely to pursue objectives that are consistent with their preferences.

2) Flexible:
Long term Objectives should be adaptable to unforeseen or extraordinary changes in the firm's competitive or environmental forecasts.

3) Measurable:
Long term objectives must clearly and concrete state what will be achieved and when it will be achieved..

4) Motivating:
Studies have shown that people are most productive while objectives are set at a motivating level-one high enough to challenge but not so high as to frustrate or so low to be easily attained.

5) Suitable:
Long term Objectives must be suited to the broad aims of the firm, which are expressed in its mission statement.

6) Understandable:
Strategic managers at all levels must understand what is to achieved.

7) Achievable:
Finally Long term Objectives must be possible to achieve.


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