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The origin of management can be traced back to the days when man started living in
groups. History reveals that strong men organized the masses into groups according
to their intelligence, physical and mental capabilities. Evidence of the use of the well
recognized principles of management is to be found in the organization of public life
in ancient Greece, the organization of the Roman Catholic Church and the
organization of military forces. Thus management in some form or the other has been
practiced in the various parts of the world since the dawn of civilization. With the on
set of Industrial Revolution, however, the position underwent a radical change. The
structure of industry became extremely complex. At this stage, the development of a
formal theory of management became absolutely necessary. It was against this
background that the pioneers of modern management thought laid the foundations of
modern management theory and practice.
Different Author says that history of management is different Author contribute in
management. There are so many theories of management that why also called Jungle
of management.
Different period of management:
1. Scientific Management:
(i)Fredrick Taylor.
(ii)Henry L.Gantt.
(iii)Frank and Lillian Gilberth.
2. Operational Management
(i) Henri Fayol.
3. Behavioral Science:
(i) Munster berg.
4. System Theory.
(i) Chester Barnard
5. Modern Management /Recent contribution to management thoughts.
(i) Peter F.Drucker 1974.
(ii) Edwards.
(iii) Thomas Peter & Robert Waterman.1982


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