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Formal and Informal Organization

Formal and Informal Organization
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Formal and Informal Organization:
Let us explain formal and informal organization individually.


Formal organization means the intentional structure of rods informally organized

enterprise. Formal organization must be flexible. Formal organization does not mean

that there is anything inflexible. If a manager is to

organize well, the structure must furnish an environment in which individual performance, both present and future contributes most effectively to group goals.

Structure/ Diagram of Formal Organization:


Informal organizational is define by different authors one says, Informal organization

is any joint personal activity without conscious joint purpose, even though

contributing to joint results. Thus informal relation ships established in the group of

people playing chess during lunch time may aid in the achievement of organization

goals. It is much easier to ask for help on an organization problem from someone you

know personally, even if he or she may be in different departments than from some

one you know only as a name on an organization chart. Another author describes

informal organization as a network of personal and social relationships not required

by the formal organization but arising spontaneously as people but associate with one another.

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