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Motivation & Motivators:

Motivation & Motivators
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Introduction of Motivation:
Motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, desire needs
similar forces. To say that managers motivate their subordinates is to say that they do
those things which they hope will satisfy these
drives and desire and induce the
subordinates to act in a desired manner.
Motivation can be explain by a chain reaction:
Felt needs give rise to want or goal sought which cause tensions (that is unfulfilled
desired), which give rise to action toward achieving goals which finally result in
satisfaction. This chain can be explained by figure.
Needs want- satisfaction chain

The chain explanation is complex. In the first place, except for physiological needs,
such as food, need are not independent of person's environment. Many physiological
needs are stimulated by environmental factors the small of food may cause hunger, a
lower thermometer reaching may cause chills.
Environment has a major influence on our perception of secondary needs. The
promotion of a colleague may arouse one's desire for higher position.
In second place, the need want satisfaction chain does not always operate as simply as
portrayed. Needs do cause behavior but needs also may result from behavior.
Satisfying one deed may lead to a desire to satisfy more needs.
In individuals motives maybe quite complex and often conflicting. A person maybe
motivated by a desire for economy goods and services (a better house, a new car or a trip and these desires may be complex and conflicting. Should one buy a new house
or a new car?)
Motivators are things that induce an individual to perform motivators sharpen the
drive or need to satisfy wants. Motivators are also the means by which conflicting
needs may be reconciled.
A manager can do much to sharpen motive by establishing an environment. So the
motivator is some thing that influences an individual’s behavior. In any organization
are any enterprise, managers must be concerned about motivators, and also inventive
in their use. People can often satisfy their wants in a variety of ways.

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