Thursday, December 2, 2010


1. What is Staffing?

2. Define the nature and task of the manager

3. Defining the managerial job

4. The system approach to human resource management

a. Aspects in the system approach to staffing

i. Factors affecting the number and kinds of manager required

ii. Determination of available managerial resources

iii. Analysis of the need for managers

iv. Other important aspects

5. Purpose and objectives of staffing

a. Situational factors affecting staffing

i. External factors

ii. Internal factors

6. The selection process

a. Definition

b. The selection process

c. Interviews

d. Tests

e. Assessment centers

f. Limitation of the selection process

7. Steps/process/principles of staffing

a. Principle of job definition

b. Principle of managerial appraisal

c. Principle of open competition

d. Principle of management training and development

e. Principle of management objectives

f. Principle of continuing development

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