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Henry Lawrence Gantt (USA, 1861 - 1819):

Henry Lawrence Gantt (USA, 1861 - 1819)
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Henry Lawrence Gant was born in 1861. He graduated from John Hopkins
College. For some time, Henry Lawrence Gant worked as a draftsman in an iron
In 1884, he qualified as a mechanical engineer at Stevens Institute.
In 1887, he joined the Midvale Steel Company. Soon, he became an
assistant to F.W Taylor. He worked with Taylor from 1887 - 1919 at Midvale Steel
Company. He did much consulting work on scientific selection of workers and the
development of incentive bonus systems. He emphasized the need for developing a
mutuality of interest between management and labor. Henry Lawrence Gant made four important
contributions to the concepts of management:
1. Gantt chart to compare actual to planned performance. Gantt chart was a daily
chart which graphically presented the process of work by showing machine
operations, man hour performance, deliveries, effected and the work in arrears.
This chart was intended to facilitate day-to-day production planning.
2. Task-and-bonus plan for remunerating workers indicating a more humanitarian
approach. This plan was aimed at providing extra wages for extra work besides
guarantee of minimum wages. Under this system of wage payment, if a worker
completes the work laid out for him, he is paid a definite bonus in addition to his
daily minimum wages. On the other hand, if a worker does not complete his work,
he is paid only his daily minimum wages. There was a provision for giving bonus to
supervisors, if workers under him were able to earn such bonus by extra work.
3. Psychology of employee relations indicating management responsibility to teach
and train workers. In his paper "Training Workmen in Habits of Industry and
Cooperation", Gantt pleaded for a policy of preaching and teaching workmen to do
their work in the process evolved through pre-thinking of management.
4. Gantt laid great emphasis on leadership. He considered management as leadership
function. He laid stress on the importance of acceptable leadership as the primary
element in the success of any business.
Gantt's contributions were more in the nature of refinements rather than fundamental
concepts. They made scientific management more humanized and meaningful to
devotees of Taylor.


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