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Frank (USA, 1867 - 1924) and Lillian (U.S.A, 1878 - 1912):

The ideas of Taylor were also strongly supported and developed by the famous
husband and wife team of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. They
became interested in wasted motions in work. After meeting
Taylor, they combined their ideas with Taylor's to put scientific
management into effect. They made pioneering effort in the
field of motion study and laid the entire foundation of our modern applications of job
simplification, meaningful work standards and incentive wage plans. Mrs. Gilbreth
had a unique background in psychology and management and the couple could
embark on a quest for better work methods. Frank
Gilbreth is regarded as the father of motion study. He is responsible for inculcating in
the minds of managers the questioning frame of mind and the search for a better way
of doing things.
Gilbreth's contributions to management thought are quite considerable. His main
contributions are:
(a) The one best way of doing a job is the way which involves the fewest motions
performed in an accessible area and in the most comfortable position. The best way
can be found out by the elimination of inefficient and wasteful motions involved in
the work.
(b) He emphasized that training should be given to workers from the very beginning
so that they may achieve competence as early as possible.
(c) He suggested that each worker should be considered to occupy three positions - (i)
the job he held before promotion to his present position, (ii) his present position,
and (iii) The next higher position. The part of a worker's time should be spent in
teaching the man below him and learning from the man above him. This would help
him qualify for promotion and help to provide a successor to his current job.
(d) Frank and Lillian Gilberth also gave a thought to the welfare of the individuals
who work for the organization.
(e) Gilbreth also devised methods for avoiding wasteful and unproductive
He laid down how workers should stand, how his hands should move and so on.


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