Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A rational approach to goal achievement planning is a rational approach to
accomplishing objectives. The process can be shown by figure.

Progress, time, critical planning, premises

In this diagram, progress (toward more sales, higher profits, lower costs, and so forth)
is on the vertical axis, and time is on the horizontal axis. Here x indicates where we
are (at to or time zero) and y where we want to be at future time (at tn). In short, we
are at ax and want to go to y. often we do not have all the data, but we start planning
anywhere. We may even have to start our planning study at x (at t-n). the line x y is
the decision path.
If the future work completely certain, the line x y would be relatively easy to draw.
Because we cannot forecast or consider everything, we try to develop our path x to y
in light of the most critical premises.
The essential logic of planning applies regardless of time interval between TO and
TN, weather it is five minutes or twenty years. If the time span is long, premises may
be unclear, goals may be more difficult to achieve and other planning complexities
may be great.

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