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Departmentation is process of grouping activities and people onto department make it

possible to expend organization. After reviewing the plan, usually the first step in the

organization process is departmentalization. Once job have been classified through

work specialization, they are grouped so those common tasks can be

coordinated.Departmentlization is the biases on which work or individuals are

grouped into manageable units. There are five traditional methods for grouping work


Thus workflow analysis can be used tighten the connection between employees’ work

and customers needs. Also it can help to make major performance breakthroughs

throughout business process reengineering (BPR).A functional rethinking and

radical redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvements in costs,

quality, service, and speed.BPR use workflow analysis to identify jobs that can be

eliminated or recombined to improve company.



Dpartmentation by number is telling off persons who are to perform the same duties

and putting them under the superior of a manager the essential fact is not what these

people do, where they work? Or what they work with, it is that the success of the understanding depends only on the number of persons include in it. This method is

rapidly applying in army.


There are many reason of decline of departmentation by numbers.

1-It has declined due to advance technology and demand of specialized and different


2-A second reason is groups composed of specialized personnel are more efficient

then those based on number.

3-Departmentation by number is useful only at the lowest level of the organization.

4-Departation by number fails to produce good results.

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