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Three newly Popularized grand Strategies

Three newly Popularized grand Strategies
Reviewed by Hammad Naziron Apr 01 2013
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There are three newly Popularized Grand Strategies. These three newly popularized grand strategies are:
  • Joint venture
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Consortia
  1. Joint venture:
joint venture is newly popularized grand strategy. Occasionally two or more capable firms lack necessary component for success in a particular competitive environment. As the multinational strategies of U.S firms nature, most will include some from of joint venture with a target nation firms. AT & T followed this option in its strategy to produce its own personal computer by entering into several joint ventures with European producers to acquire the required technology and position itself for European expansion.
  • Pool of capital
  • Patent
  • Trade Mark
  • Management
  • Production on Marketing Equipment.
2. Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances are distinguished from join ventures because the companies involved do not take and equity position in one another. In many instances strategic alliances are partnerships that exist for a defined period during which partners contribute their skills and expertise to a cooperative projects.
3. Consortia, Keiretsus and Chaebols.
Consortia are defined as large interlocking relationships between businesses of an industry. In Japan such consortia are known as keiretsus in South Korea as Chaebols.


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